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Restraining Orders

Sometimes during separation or divorce it may become necessary to obtain a restraining order if you fear for you or your children’s safety.


You or your family lawyer may move to court to obtain a restraining order by filing the necessary court materials and appearing before the court to present your case to show why you need a restraining order for protection.


Our firm has an extensive amount of experience in obtaining restraining orders in appropriate circumstances on behalf of our clients. While it is possible to obtain a restraining order on your own, it is beneficial to have family law representation by a lawyer who has knowledge of the court process, required documentation and the law.


Our family lawyers have the knowledge, litigation skills and experience to obtain restraining orders to assist in the protection of you and your family. In the event that your spouse is in breach of the restraining order, you may call the police for immediate assistance.


Jagtoo & Jagtoo, Professional Corporation’s, family law practice includes:

  • Obtaining restraining orders

  • Division of Property including the matrimonial home, RRSPs, pensions, stocks

  • Drafting and reviewing pre-nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements & separation agreements

  • Divorce, contested or uncontested

  • Spousal Support

  • Child Support and Special Expenses

  • Child Support and Special Expenses

  • Independent Legal Advice on Agreements & Release

​To determine your rights and entitlements, contact us at 905-604-6655 for a consultation with one of our family law lawyers.


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